Kenneth van Rensburg, Director of KVR, considers himself something of a 3D printing ambassador.

After qualifying BTech Industrial Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2007) he went on to co-found Protoform, one of SA’s pioneering 3D printing bureaus. After spending 5 years specialising as a 3D printing service provider, Ken left Protoform in order to pursue designing bespoke 3D printed products and to provide a new take on the 3D printing service industry. As a designer, his approach is simple, clean and somewhat unconventional.

Established in January 2013, KVR’s mission is to supply well-designed, bespoke products of high quality, using rapid prototyping as it’s primary form of manufacture. KVR endeavours to create unique products that are finely crafted, aesthetically pleasing, functional and proudly South African, as well as offering a service-orientated 3D printing and rapid prototyping consultancy.