Not all projects will require 3D printing alone.

KVR Design & Prototyping have built up a network of suppliers, leaders in their respective fields and we project-manage these additional services. As such, KVR Design & Prototyping is able to offer a variety of 3D printing technologies, as well as to outsource 3D scanning; CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and machining; model-making and RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) casting for low volume production of plastic and metal parts.

Furthermore, the models can either be used ‘as is’, or alternatively, painted and detailed for presentation. From a 3D printed master, we can easily create a cost effective ‘soft tool’ and supply low volume plastic components with accuracy.

In conjunction with other technologies, such as 3D scanning, the possible applications are truly wide-ranging. 3D scanning or digitizing allows one to capture data from a person or object and quickly create a replica 3D model. KVR is able to provide the link between all these various processes as well as to advise the client on the best approach or combination of processes suitable for their requirements.